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What catalyzes life in digital networks?

Web2 opened up a new world in which the surface area for human agency was exponentially amplified. Intoxicated, we applied our newfound agency to cultural pursuits and became architects of our own interior world.

But we are waking up to the costs of our participation in these digital networks. Novel forms of social and cultural wealth, collectively created, have been largely captured by the corporate owners of these networks.

The inflection point, we believe, lies with tokenized communities.

A new breed of digital network, tokenized communities will become the most important organizations on the planet. They will turn members into cultural developers and give them ownership over the communities they call home.

In tokenized communities, we cross the chasm. We fulfill our world-building agency. Work, money, corporations, nation states… we are freeing ourselves and creating new social architectures.

Forefront is building the tools for tokenized communities to achieve escape velocity. To date, much attention and resources have been poured into infrastructure for proposals and task management. But we believe the main opportunity to catalyze community lies upstream of this.

We are building Pulse to empower signal sharing and idea generation in tokenized communities.

  • How can we share what we love with our community?
  • How can we sense-make and build on each other's ideas?
  • How can we propel divergent/convergent ideation, such that a raw signal eventually surfaces as a communal commitment?
  • How can we craft an ecosystem that activates thinking through play, experimentation and action?

How can we craft an ecosystem that activates thinking through play, experimentation and action?

We can't do this alone. We need to find our counterparts: the tokenized communities who are immersed in their lorecraft, research, curation, and sense-making. We need partner-communities who are obsessed about a creative problem and are keen to explore it using Pulse.

If this resonates, please reach out to us. We can't wait to build with you.

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